The world we see

The world we see is like a film of play
I saw them turn the handle by the screen
This may cause us laughter or dismay

Before important thinkings I shall pray
That what I see is real and not my dream
The world that we inhabit is a play

For erroneous sightings we will pay
For egocentric thoughts create crazed scenes
This may cause us laughter or dismay

I was hurled from bicycle to sky
Time went very slowly with no screams
I felt no fear, it was a role to play

Then I hit the pavement, hard and grey
I saw the stars of gold, the moon, her themes
I was back on earth with quiet dismay

I was young and flexible and green
The bicycle was rusty, what’s your scheme?
The world I saw was like a film or play
This knowledge may cause folly or dismay


Hallucination or dream?

While I was ill recently with a UTI I heard a cat running then jumping onto my bed and resting against me
for a minute or two.I thought it was real,Whatever it was it fled after 2 minutes and I am missing the dear animal,I had heard a loud noise rather like the army helicopters we have flying over us today
Is it preparation for the Funeral on Saturday?

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