Our Ire

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com

United Kingdom sever ties that bind
Wales and Scotland never were our kind
If England leaves that might well pacify
The violence in the Northern land of Ire

Build a wall round England with no gates
The United Kingdom fragments with great pain
We English are so stupid, fit for jail
Then we will have this problem done and nailed

Hadrain’s Wall is still there, I have been
Imagined Roman Soldiers I have seen
Then the drop to Scotland’s in my gaze
The Romans went no further through the haze

Le Royaume – Uni is a shattered glass
Help the poor, abolish social class


Foreign travel

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We’ll need a passport if we go to Wales
Snowdon is not English,I bewail
One can reach the summit on a train
To see old England and the Labour pains

We’ll have to go to Cumbria, is it ours?
There is no border yet,no Northern Powers
Hellvellyn and Great Gable are not small
The Cumbrian folk might link them by a wall

The banks and braes of Scotland are not ours
It’s cold and wet up there,don’t be coward
A foreign trip will need no aeroplane
There is not yet a Motorway to Spain

Wales and Scotland sundered from our land
Foreign travel there will give no tans

Photo by Alex Qian on Pexels.com