The shame, the rage, the crash

Near illiterate, they watch TV
Not Nigella not the BBC
They ask the educated to sink down
Come Dancing ,Benny Hill. the maddened clown

No more does learning merit due respect
Nor do they treat the erudite with tact
They do not wish to study or discuss
So any leader vicious wins the toss

Does it matter much if sights are lowered?
They felt shame at school and were ignored
They do not think they’ll benefit from books
But watch the behaviour of an errant Duke

The lack of cash,the shame, the rage, the crash
No surprise some vote for sociopaths

9 thoughts on “The shame, the rage, the crash

    1. They have made a mess now with the AV vaccination.It changes daily.No wonder some are afraid
      Who ever would have dreamed of BJ as PM?\
      Yet the flowers are out and we go on living.Your images on FB are superb.Katherine Xxx

      1. BJ wanted this soooo badly and he would do anything to get to where he is now. However, and I keep thinking to myself as I watch him make blunder after blunder. Be careful what you wish for! Thank you Katherine. xxx

  1. as Eliot wrote: “Let me disclose the gifts reserved for age …… The conscious impotence of rage at human folly, and the laceration of laughter at what ceases to amuse.”

    1. We don’t foresee those aches and pains and lossof our acute senses.But inside we still feel the same as we did 50 years ago cycling around the city and colleges

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