Oil on troubled waters

How can you read road sign from a car
Do stay for tea and our cats’ seminar

I used to live in Bury but I moved
However hard you try. this can’t be proved.

I saw a shapeless form come through the door
O M G I’ve seen this form before
If it’s black if foretells of a death
If it’s white it is your frozen breath

I felt such shame I blushed inside and out
Please accept my feelings of grave doubt

I read a book of Sayings of the Wise
I may be old yet I can still surprise

The psalms are mostly works of love and hate
Civil disobedience makes me late

When we buried father we all cried
So much so, we felt someone had died

Life is brief so buy a multi-pack
Knickers are so useful in the Dock
I’m a burglar,I steal people’s clothes
Bur knickers second hand are far too gross

What Art are you accused of, asked the Judge
I dropped the brush and so my work was smudged
The troubled waters used up all my oil
A pity I forgot to make them boil
I was angry so I killed a ghost
Is that murder or a dream composed?
The Jury are divided by a lack
Love might come if it can find a crack

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