Well, you do now

Doctor, where is my appendix?
I think it’s on the table.
I thought it was inside my body
Yes, so is the table.
Did you put it in?
No, it was an error
I hate those Errors coming here and getting free housing and cash
They are native.
That’s even worse.I hate natives
So where do you come from?
The Isle of Man
Well, go back and take your prejudice with you
Where can I find it?
Look within

Doctor I have a bunion
Don’t tell anyone else or they will want one
I have two
Sell one

Doctor are you Turkish?
No, but Boris Johnson is
So why is he here?
That’s what we all wonder

Doctor, did you vote Leave?
I am not a psychiatrist.
I can’t even spell it.
Well,can you spell Depart?
it sounds French
I am no criminal
What, I’m not an asylum seeker
We used to have a real Asylum in London
But that was only for lunatics
Well,anyone who wants to be here now seems like a lunatic
Like Boris’s great grand dad?
Where did they get their money?
From a Laundry.
I only use one to wash my clothes
You must be more inventive
I am 101, you know.
I don’t know
Well, you do now.

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