I was planning to put on a quotation from William James but can’t   find the exact words he used,so this is a paraphrase:
The art of wisdom is knowing what to overlook”
Another thought:
Over the last twenty years we’ve been
recommended to be more assertive [women,especially]
Silence is a neglected response nowadays but it sometimes
produces better results  
And finally I have been reading “Anger” by Carol Tavris.I likeit very much.
She shows that the fashionable notion of getting your anger out
#by shouting,hitting cushions or indeed hitting someone else does not get rid of your anger ,it increases it.
Accepting your anger and counting to a hundred can often reduce the amount of anger you feel long term.
And divorced people who kept on talking about how nasty their ex-spouses were for years after the divorce did much less well
than people who once the first shocks were over refused to let  themselves keep repeating the stories about their evil partners to their friends and acquaintances.
So it seems self control,tongue control and self discipline maybe making a comeback.
However,moderation in all things even moderation is probably a good idea

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