Your menu



Corned beef  and hot fried tinned peaches  with free tin opener
Bacon grilled by the SS
Cream on hot cross buns, fried bananas with grating cheese noise on a CD
Parts of my broken tooth  with quick macaroni buttered and bred [I will send photo of tooth which broke last week and more just snapped off
Rice and pasta with pig’s head on pig’s body [alive]
Bread on toast
Cake  with tuna fish on bed of Weetabixbnd
Sugar and butter sandwich
Sugar on wafers [ not from Church]
Hot tea and long life milk [now 67 years old]

One thought on “Your menu

  1. I had a tooth just straight fall out from gum disease because I couldn’t get to the dentist because of the quarantine. I had the break off thing too. I suppose I should give thanks that my problems are so small, but still, it’s a pain in the ass.

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