I didn’t know I knew


“Once I begin the act of writing, it all falls away; the view from the window, the tools, the talismans, and I am unconscious of myself… one’s carping inner critics are silenced for a time… there is always a surprise, a revelation. During the act of writing, I have told myself something that I didn’t know I know.”

Gail Godwin

Doris Lessing


At the Nobel Prize Ceremony for one of our greatest writers

iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points

iUniverse: How To Correctly Use Ellipses and Exclamation Points.

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No-one asked me


I do like to know more about my favorite authors.Here Alison Lurie describes her childhood;her belief she was not pretty enough to marry and the praise she got for her  childhoodcreations.This led in an obvious direction.Ironically,she married young and spent many years as a mother and academic wife before she ever published a book.but once started she was on her true path in life.She has an unmistakable voice of her own