Ode to a nun

Photo by Migs Reyes on Pexels.com

So what brings you here apart from a cab
I take everything too laterally
How can you tell?
I just open my mouth and  my voice speaks
Any other problems?
My husband is unhappy in bed
Does he tell you this ?
He’s dead
Have you  told the doctor?
No point as he can do nothing
How long is it since he died
The doctor is not dead
You seem to misunderand my inventions
You sound confused
It’s because you projected yours into me
Do you mean I am confused?
Maybe.It takes time to get any   rapport
Don’t worry ,I brought a flask
How interesting.What’s in it?
You can’t drink brandy here
I didn’t know that
You have to bare the pain’
I don’t want to rush.Must I endure  it?
I’ll be here.
But I won’t be
W ell,I can’t have patients living in.
I  could cook for you
No bribery,please
I  can change your sheets
Oh, I just repapered the Printer
I merely paint mine
Who is more crazy

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