Cures for Covid 19

1.Soak your feet in  diluted bleach nightly at 3am and bleach any slippers you have
2.Bleach all the hair on your body, if there is any left
3 Pour bleach into your ears at 5 am
4 If you go out pour bleach  onto the soles of your shoes and inside too
5 If there is no bleach for sale try Flash or Dettol  or both
6.Stay in bed until the paandemic is over   first spraying the bed with  disinfectant
7. Do not indulge in casual sex.Wear formal clothes.Go shopping in bleached night wear
8.Wear earplugs and turn off the News.Then bleach the TV and your keyboard
9 Avoid your neighbours and yourself
10. Pray for the poor living in Tower Blocks on low incomes .
11 Christianity  and other religions are not about going to  church; they are about Compassion.
Anyway you can’t go at the moment so help your neighbours.
God can manage  without our “prayers”

God is a bit like a radio station that we don’t tune in to very much it’s easier singing along  to to Songs of Praise

9 thoughts on “Cures for Covid 19

    1. People keep talking about it but a friend who is a carer for his mother said that he and I were already isolation
      We are soon angered by restrictions.I wouldn’t mind if I could trust the polticians and if Trump decided to return to Germany where his
      father came from.In fact apart from getting food it’s not too bad here.I hope it’s tolerable for you.My neighbours have been great

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      1. I’m glad you have great neighbors. At least we have the internet. If this had happened when I was a kid — no friends to visit, no cable, no movies, no internet, no blogging, no libraries available. I would have gone mad.

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      2. We have a WhatsApp Group.If we were children we could have played games.But it would be tough in a flat and the poor can’t afford may gadgets and internet connection.I’ve been thinking about them alot.It is really cold.I have a coat on!

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      3. I hope we all get some better weather.I am wearing a woollen coat inside the house!
        We are lucky if we have a house and if possible a garden.I have big trees with birds.Hope you have a pleasant evening,Brenda.You seem a lovely person,Katherine

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      4. Thanks, Katherine. It’s busy here, feeding my three kids and keeping the house going. Planning a garden. Fixing the myriad of things that go haywire on any particular day. Never a dull moment. I hope you get some warmer weather, too. 🙂

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