Menu de la frowne

Main course

Beef  and mushroom tart with ballads
Eggs in a casket plus free burial
Men’s favourite beef  with deer salad
Green pudding with   cream horns
Ram  au partlette avec  la tarte
Lamb in flurried soap with live vegetables
Beef frumplings in fear of red onions en masse
Eggs died grey with tame rice in cheese-like sauce.
Eggs au Fevered Bible -Classe
Pasta with green grass and layman in olive oil
Pork crustaceans in onion gravy plus flaked potato
Pork pie and Streaming Salad via Amazon Now
Stake and Fiddly Pies plus pease pudding.
Snake quiche with springing onions and roaming radishes.
Plain lasagne with no vegetarian extra.Black pepper and mustard free
Eggs au Coquette with slice my memory
Soup burned and  often mourned
Cheese  pudding  with icing and balls


Lime mousse en scene with camera
Ginger mould and Canesten 2%
Blue cheese with automated swearing voice
Photo of  rear plus brandy
Cream  horns  with  whisky
Chocolate moutons
Semolina with Raising Powder [ free batteries[
Rice,Milk and Oven
Nazi remains and gunpowder.


No  foreigners allowed to  eat cheesecake: with or without blueberries and steam
No British allowed to  mention Horace the Menace
No Germans allowed to translate Wittgenstein into Prussian
No Scots allowed round the corner
Noone allowed to see Kinder Scout until they finish unkind Scout
Noone educated at Oxford allowed to  mention Cambridge
Noone who passed  by a doctoral dissertion  allowed to  go back
Do not  break the law except on Sundays so the police can  have a 1 day week


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