Digital art when you are limited by caring for others

This is an old photo which I  had fun with  using a simple photo editor
It is not necessary to forgo pleasure when you are a carer.Half an hour now and then is better than watching crap on  your TV
Pardon my language but I find  lately TV has sunk down

I  wandered into Digital Art via Microsoft Paint.I could not find any books about it except when you wanted to create an image that looked like watercolour or oil paintings
Well, the tools for that are expensive and to my mind pointless.I prefer to use real water colour.
But  since you don’t have to put your paints and water, brushes and other media out it takes no time to open Microsoft online,Pixlr or to download Artweaver onto Windows
At first I did weird little drawings but I was  kindly encouraged by Janet Weight Reedand some others on a blog site which alas closed down
Then  when I got more intrigued I began to draw cats and apples
You can change the colours to see what you prefer.Dark backgrounds look good more often
As I did this for fun,I was not concerned about whether they were good.
I did learn that space is important in Art and I like to draw two or three objects close to each other as in still lives
If my husband  needed me I could just close the  laptop for a while.I love colour and the geometry of form
I was told at school I was no good at Art.But now I don’t mind whaat people say because it was a great help to  me to take my mind away from the suffering we both endured and the  lack of care that we  should have been offered.Apparently it is considered impossible for a person to look after a loved one when they are so ill .And I  had had surgery just before he collapsed so had 12 stitches in my face.That did distress  him as I bleed more than most people.Now they say I am lucky to be alive.I am very grateful also for  having readers here and having ‘Mike Flemming’s s beautiful photos

I welcome comments and criticism

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