If you are the doctor,I am dead

photo of chicken on grass
Photo by Catherine Sheila on Pexels.com


Sorry I can’t take your call at the moment.I have to lay an egg
This is the answerphone.Who are you?
I don’t have six handsets linked to me,But you can leave a short message

There’s noone here now.We have gone to inject bleach into our veins.May see you later
We are trying Dettol in our lungs today.Please try us again tomorrow if you are sadistic enought

Sorry, they didn’t  leave the answering machine on.This is a robot.
We can’t afford an answering machine so  I  trying to make one out of tins and string.If you manage to leave a message we will make pots of money

If you are the doctor,I am dead
Please stop trying to sell me  heroin.I have decided to make my own.From oats
Is that the baker? Please hide the loaf  behind the bicyle if the dog allows you.
Hi I am the dog.They have  left me alone.Why don’t you come over and steal their TV?
Sorry, my daughter  has got chicken pox and the   cock is angry.Call back  next week after we’ve eaten him
Are you the new domestic help?The key is in the door.Please  lock up and put it through the letterbox after you are done
I can’t swear at you but I will call you an idiot if  you like.Free!
I’ll  take the cat when we divorce.Stop calling me.I am speechless but not mute

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