They won’t fit into the fridge

Epimedium-Woodang-StarWe have too many eggs in the fridge
Well,  buy a hen and give her a nest,Then we”ll  have  some chickens
But they won’t fit in the fridge either!

Why do we eat eggs every day?
What else could we do with them?

Is it legal to throw eggs over the wall?
Not the iron wall

Some people believe they are good for our hair
Like hairdressers, you mean?

Just think.We can’t get our hair cut
Well, we can’t get our toe nails cut either
A bit dangerous in bed, then
Hair never harms anyone
If it were long it could strangle your lover
A nice way to die

I   curry eggs, I stuff them, I cover them in sauce
What’s wrong with that?
I am bored of them
With them?
No, they are not bored.
I am bored of you
What has reason got to do with it?
Well the Greeks liked it
But did the Hebrews?
I am sorry,  they never said
What did you want them to write? Is the Bible   not enough
For whom?
Showing off now that you knew Boris at Oxford.
Not biblically, thank  the Lord

Do you like souffles?
With eggs?
Well it would be  hard to make one without
Alright then.A lemon  souffle
I have no lemons
We’ll just have to pretend







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