Wondering, I wander underground

In my dreams I wander round  and round
Searching for that car park   by the lake
Wondering if  the lost are ever found

There is often silence or birdsong
I wonder which new footpath I shall take
In my dreams I wander round and round

Haphazard  as the  footsteps of a clown
Looking for  the works of William Blake
Wondering if  the past   will  ever hound

I see you  struggle ,walking on wet  ground
You’d like some coffee and a piece of cake
In my dreams we wander round and round

Darling, shall I  never hold your hand?
We got into rhythms pure and strange
Wandering  through the past  we  never found

What was  the space of love   that made us ache
Fragile like  the    crystalline   snowflakes
In my dreams I wander round  and round
Can I change my ways, can I be found?



7 thoughts on “Wondering, I wander underground

  1. Katherine, this is just beautiful, So tender and deep-felt and gentle. I’m proud of you.

    I hope you are being careful about going out and are staying well. Diana and I talk about you often. Our family is well, including my son’s seven week old twin girls. I’ll be sending out a post later in the week. It will be entertaining.

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    1. Thank you so much David. What an amazing event to have twins born recently .A sign of hope. I look forward
      to yo Linked across the world .m My neighbours are being very kind,.
      I think of you as well.Love to all your family


  2. Thank you dear Katherine. Three of my chidren live lin Chicago. We live in a northern suburb some distance away and our kids are staying home. But our young neinghbors knock on our door to check that we are okay. Nice of them. I’m glad your friends tdo are looking out for you. The twins are gaintng weight. Having twins and two other young chidren is tough but my son and hsi wife are loving it. Thank you for your kind wishes.

    I just published an entertauining post I think you’ll enjoy. Take a look. Have a gd weekend.

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    1. How nice to hear your news,David.My nephew has twin gitls who are now 9.They found it tough at the beginning,fpr sure.I hope you will soon be able to be with them….let’s pray it will not go on too long.I have invented a phrase.Homesick for the home you had before Lockdown.I look forward to reading your new post.Thanks for letting me know,All the best as ever,Katheirne


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