Who are we?


To fulminate against the hands of fate
To vent our anger on  beloved friends
Will not repair our ills and our mistakes
But may bring friendships to  a bitter end.

For who are we to know what is the best?
Who are we to choose when loved ones die?
And  do not think this is a needed test.
As if on us God wastes his time to spy.

Once  we were a joining of two cells
The lively sperm, a salmon riding high.
The egg awaiting without  need for bells
Is fertilised and grows that which  shall die.

Astonishing that we should live at all.
Unsurprising, that a loved one falls.


4 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. This is excellent…We take so. much for granted as if we are supposed to have whatever it is….but in fact when we do receive those moments of bliss and joy it’s a gift and nothing more. Love you Katherine…hope you are keeping well. Janet XX

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    1. Yes, it is my husband’s birthday and my neighbours have set up a WhatsApp group and I have been getting lovely messages from people in my street and comments from new people saying they wish they had met him.It helps in this Lockdown . I told my doctor I am not alone because I have a number dear friends right here.And it is real.And of course I have friends elsewhere but they can’t come over at the moment.I wish he could come back just to see that his friends still love him.
      I find it impossible to put into words how your colours and your art have affected me for the good.. Much love,Katherine.xxxx


      1. I wish your dear departed husband a beautiful birthday and indeed it sounds as if he is having one. Clearly he was such a lovely man to make such an impact on so many people. You are not alone Katherine….please consider me someone who cares about you a great deal and thinks of you as a dear friend. Janet XXX

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      2. Oh Janet, you are such a beautiful, kind-hearted person.Yes, my husband was much loved, he was very affectionate and very funny.He could imitate people and talk in different accents.I must admit it was a nightmare at times when I had the face operation and he collapsed.And it is hard to live without him.But I do want to live and see more beauty in your paintings and others.and so many writers whom I have not yet read.
        I think we have to trust in the unknown and step out into it with faith that there is a way and that persistence will eventually work.
        Compared to our leaders we have such good and interesting people here on WP and it pleases my heart when I see people from all over the world reading my poems and my weird humour.Not to mention Mike’s beautiful photos which are worth their own blog.I never hought about photography until I saw people on BCUK then here posting their photos.We need to do something creative at these difficult times
        You are full of affection and creativity.Long may it go on

        Love xxxx


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