That was best

When  Dad  was isolated, I slept in Mam’s bed
With her sister too  when  he  neared death
My sisters on  a camp bed, in a cot
My sister saw a ghost and felt its breath

My brothers shared a room, the walls were thin
They heard Daddy gasping, short of air
They heard him groan, they heard our Mam’s footstep
They  heard  the silence,  oh, was he not there?

Daddy’s bedroom had a little fire
We went to say goodnight,  but stayed too long
We sat upon his bed,  he talked a while
Then he ended with a  30s song

On Monday  morning he  took his last breath
Mam  ached  so., she wished  that she was dead

2 thoughts on “That was best

  1. I am well stocked up with food and enjoyed the warm weather.:et’s hope we have sunshine for a few more days.And I have a gardeb so am very lucky.Hope you are keeping well,JanetL


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