I’ll be be judge,I’ll jury

Pamianthe-peruviana_2020-1I am going moon bathing tonight
Is it full?
No,I’ll be in the churchyard with a ghost or two
What, getting buried?
I’m not dead yet
Well, get married
I am still uo nsure about my gender
Oh, dear,If only God had created one person who could fertilise themself
That would be dull. No falling in love, no desire, no arguing, no dinners thrown across the room
Well, you can love yourself
It’s not the same
Still, we must try.
We only  have one life
What about Heaven?
Have you seen it?
Well,I’ve felt it
Did  it last?
Not long
Owing to your hot temper?
No,  it was the alarm clock
Your dad threw it at me
That was very cruel~
He was testing my reflexes 
So he said,Did you believe him?
I was unconscious
It knocked you out?
No,I fell out  of bed and  hit my head on  this chair
Did he ring 999?
No, he  ran away.
Well, that’s life
I do wish you’d learn some new cliches
So do I.

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