epimedium-dominoWhy is Pythagorus’s theorem not mentioned in the Bible?
Was Homer acquainted with grief?
What pen  did St Paul use?
Why did the Jews not discover Logic? It was all Greek to them.
Mythos is the Hebrew Way.
Futility is British now.
They used Word 365 to write  the stories down, no doubt.
Microsoft  wrote the Bible? I can’t believe it! Did Jesus know?
Well, what will Google write?
We await Revelations
Facebook is waiting to show the Apocalypse the door,Now!
Spelled wring again
I’ll wring your neck in a minute.No hands!

4 thoughts on “Mysteries

  1. Katherine, dear, you are such a profoundly thinking woman, and a fount of cottton-soft emotions and little-known facts and clever insights. Philosopher Henri Bergson said that a truly living thing never repeats itself: He must have been referring to you. I hope you have a good week and do something you can tell me about. I’ll be thinking of you. Best, David

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