In  deep now,turn off that light

I’m in deep now,never been this deep before
The world’s hollow like a shell and I’m out its door.
In so deep, the ocean has its own startled floor.
I’m down,down.down.never been so dark , so more

I can’t rightly tell how I got where I am
I think I had an accident,fell over, then I swam.
Sometimes it’s a loss, be times it’s a man.
I guess I only do it cos I know some folk can.

I don’t know if the joy is worth the pain
Would I choose to relive if, I was born again?
The deep joy is the amazing gain.
But the sorrow is  damn sad, let’s admit it plain.

I’m in deep and it’s over my head
What was I thinking of,when I fell  out of that bed?
I look up and  the sea’s so  turquoise like  that mist   is red
When we get good and mad and wish some loon was dead.

At first, it was all just black,black pain
But from the bottom of the  well, I looked up with awed love again.
That’s when I recalled,feelings are deep and sane
Joy is much greater when we’re in the deep,deep zone.

I dunno if I’m  ever comin’ out.
We can’t control it,ain’t that what life’s all about?
I’ll never love with innocence again,nor not feel doubt.
But I’m no teapot and the devil ain’t got my spout.

I’m swimming and the ocean’s so   mysteriously bright
Down here we don’t have no day nor no night
Fish nudge me with  big grins  and teeth white
Sea flowers fondle me and whisper,turn off that light

Composer James MacMillan




“He said: “I am very proud about it, I’ve been coming to the Edinburgh Festival since I was a teenage boy. I remember the first time, it was probably 1977, even before I started university, and I saw Mary Queen of Scots by Thea Musgrave, I heard The Rite of Spring, pieces by John Tavener, all these things – I saw [Yehudi] Menuhin play Beethoven.”

La Grand Inconnu is a French term, ‘The Great Unknown’, which is often associated with the Holy Spirit, the composer said.

MacMillan, who is 59 until July, added: “In English it means ‘the great unknown’, but it can mean something completely different. It is for two choirs, and an orchestra, and there are four soloists.

“It is a exploration and reflection on spirit, the Holy Spirit for for example.

“There are texts, I have a little [Saint] John of the Cross in there. But generally it is words, and sounds, that got it going: for example the Hebrew word for breath is ‘ruach’, and the Greek word is ‘pneuma’, and the Latin word is ‘spiritus’, so you can see where I am going with that.”

The second movement is is inspired by words in each language for water, and the final movement ruminates on the words for fire.

He added: “Why the Holy Spirit? Well I suppose its the most mysterious thing about the faith, I suppose.

“All of Christianity is a mystery, I suppose, but the idea of this third person, its the one we cannot really relate to. We can get the Father, and we can get the son, because he was an historical figure, but the Holy Spirit: what is that about? So there is a mystery there that fascinates me.

“Also, I think for secular people, it is what is most fascinating about the Trinity. What is this spirit thing? It is not just the arts world, I think society in general is rediscovering spirituality, the spirit, it means a lot to people, especially in the world of music.

“People talk about music being the most spiritual of the arts: they’re not talking about conventional religion, like me, but they mean something by that, and they use that for the impact music has on their life, which is transformative. So for all those reasons I thought it was a good way to go.””

I was only trying to help you

Rydal2019-3After my  major eye operation I had to lie  on my front for some time, then I had to sit upright all the time, night and day for many weeks
I got  new glasses after 3 months.The op was not a great success.
I tried to go out and after getting off a bus I asked a lady to help me cross the road. I was seeing double
She grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me straight into the road. without warning It was very busy  indeed but she did not wait for a gap.
I managed to pull my arm away and said to her,
Why did you do that?
She replied
I was only trying to help you.
Help  me to Heaven or Hell or the Hospital?