Strange misconceptions:Manchester is full of Zionists

brown and white structure
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When we read about Zionism we kind of assume other people know what it means…. not so! See below.
And if that is true, what do they think Brexit is, or where do they think Northern Ireland is… in Scotland?
And the Good Friday agreement: that’s when Pontius Pilate agreed to  have Jesus killed I imagine
I was talking to someone who lives in the North. One day she said
“I am terrified of driving through a certain part of Manchester where there are lots of Zionists walking down the road on Saturdays”
I said, “Well, that seems odd for  lots of Zionists to dwell in Manchester.”
She said

It’s their big black hats and black suits that makes them so terrifying!”

Then I realized they must be Hasidic Jews  like the ones in Stamford Hill… they follow a more mystical tradition and many came from Russia after pogroms and torments
So I told her a little about them and she said
“So it’s very brave of them to go out like that”
It’s very brave of us to be alive nowadays

A jagged silence taunts us overhead

Like a broken shell, our world  has cracked
Whose the foot  that  heavily did tread?
Now we wander  in  this City sacked

Once worlds break  how can we bring them back?
Must we  mourn  until our hearts are fed?
Like a pretty shell, our world  has cracked

Where once stood towers  the buildings lie down  flat
A jagged silence taunts from overhead
 As we wander  in  this City sacked

What New Messiah can  find  and love the gap?
Who will give the wine and whose the bread?
Like a cockleshell, our world  has cracked

The death of  God in Auschwitz  on the Rack
The torture of  the Arabs, children  bleed
We cry out , the slouching beast is back

Did we ever think of those in need?
The children of the genocide still plead
Like a broken shell, the world   has cracked
Now we stumble,blind to what we lack