The orchestra played

I am fortunate
If I can find two gloves now
One left and one right

The other problem
My hands are misshapen too
Ladies’ gloves might not fit me.

I can be a man
If I decide I want to be
There! I wear your gloves now.

But I prefer scarves
Made for women, with flowers
Embroidery, silk, cashmere.

My taste is quite good
I know  I like your image
You stand on the bridge in Prague

In Wenceslaus Square
The orchestra played Ma Vlast
The Elektion

Holocaust Museum
Children’s coloured drawings are
Butterflies for God

He died too with them
So we have no  floor to stand on
Everything’s trembling

I forgot I am.
I was lost somewhere other
How I stand on air.

As I rise enriched

As I rise enriched  from deeps of grief
I feel alone as  if my old  world’s gone
Though trees still  flaunt their  newborn coats of leaves

The passing of the years, our  life seems brief
Oh, love, oh death, oh fear, oh lost my own
Must I retreat from darker depths of grief?

What new space must you and I conceive?
How shall I live where  my love was  undone
While trees will   haunt with   summers of green leaves

Our latent wishes, frozen,   must deceive
Oh, Freudian world, oh, Foucault, oh Lacan
Must I leave the holy depths of grief?

Like the flowers, most die  on graves of  grief
Oh, Shakespeare, elegaic, oh John Donne
See trees still    image life  in   shining leaves


Misfortune strikes, still love  and heart shall win
As we cling to life with threads so thin
When we rise enriched from depths of grief
The  trees   delight  in  mantels of green leaf

Discord or harmony



    1. 1.1 (of things) be different.
      ‘the party’s views were apt to discord with those of the leading members of the government’
      More example sentences


Middle English: from Old French descord (noun), descorder (verb), from Latin discordare, from discors ‘discordant’, from dis- (expressing negation, reversal) + cor, cord- ‘heart’.