epimedium-dominoWhy is Pythagorus’s theorem not mentioned in the Bible?
Was Homer acquainted with grief?
What pen  did St Paul use?
Why did the Jews not discover Logic? It was all Greek to them.
Mythos is the Hebrew Way.
Futility is British now.
They used Word 365 to write  the stories down, no doubt.
Microsoft  wrote the Bible? I can’t believe it! Did Jesus know?
Well, what will Google write?
We await Revelations
Facebook is waiting to show the Apocalypse the door,Now!
Spelled wring again
I’ll wring your neck in a minute.No hands!

Was it for this   that God endured the Fall?

At midnight I was tidying my room
Oh,not feeling tired, can’t sleep in tune
But in the morning I feel  tired as hell
After sixty sinners burned  pell mell!

My room looked even worse than I believed
I fell sideways,  then I was relieved
My head cracked on the mirror on the wall
Was it for this   that God endured the Fall?

I thought the wardrobe door was my  way out
It would not open even with a clout
Where’s my husband with his  soothing touch?
I lost him once so I’m  not very rich.

Noone  here to listen as I sob
Nothing like a  kiss on Lyme’s old Cobb
Noone to be happy if I laugh
None to phone the doctor  when I cough

I fear to go upstairs in case I dream
I’m giving birth  too  early with  no screens

How  shall we  sanctify our little hour?

What meaning has a buttercup in flower?
So many  trodden down in meadows green
How  shall we  sanctify each little hour?

The celandine ‘s no warrior full of power
Underneath my apple tree they bloom
What meaning has  the life of any flower?

Their very being brings grace, disgusts the dour
They live so wisely  while by sun consumed
Melodious is their  soul song for an hour

We saw the princess  followed from her tower
Was her life superior in its doom?
What meaning has  the life of any , even flowers?

Diana hunted,  shot,  her image ours
She consumed herself ,was her own food
Her funeral -leaded coffin we endured

If we are intent we hear  life’s tunes
Standing on  cracked paths, with stiff  old brooms
What meaning has a buttercup in flower?
Do not  demand meaning, it’s no cure.




chagrin (n.)

1650s, “melancholy,” from French chagrin “melancholy, anxiety, vexation” (14c.), from Old North French chagreiner or Angevin dialect chagraigner “sadden,” which is of unknown origin, perhaps [Gamillscheg] from Old French graignier “grieve over, be angry,” from graigne “sadness, resentment, grief, vexation,” from graim “sorrowful,” which is perhaps from a Germanic source (compare Old High German gram “angry, fierce”).

But OED and other sources trace it to an identical Old French word, borrowed into English phonetically as shagreen, meaning “rough skin or hide” (the connecting notion being “roughness, harshness”), which is itself of uncertain origin. Modern sense of “feeling of irritation from disappointment, mortification or mental pain from the failure of aims or plans” is from 1716.