We cannot rest

We have roaming souls,they cannot rest
Once they anchored,  now they catch the wind
Flying like a bird seeking a  nest


Life  has ideals, love has nothing less
Wounded by the winds we feel thin skinned
We have noble souls, they cannot rest

Do not wonder who of us is best
We are human,we have sometimes sinned
Flying like wild birds and stealing   nests

Is it better if we have confessed?,
Do we  offer pity ,heart and mind?
We have  anguished souls,  can they  take rest?

Love and hate and malice and incest
The grecian gods were human magnified
Flying like the eagles on their quest


Do we seek  fame or seek to be unbound
The world’s not linear, it is almost round
Life  has ideals, love  may  not interest
We have  pauper’s souls, they cannot rest