We are stupid

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“My point, once again, is not that those ancient people told literal stories and we are now smart enough to take them symbolically, but that they told them symbolically and we are now dumb enough to take them literally.”
― John Dominic Crossan, Who Is Jesus? Answers to Your Questions About the Historical Jesus

When we see the small, oh joyful fate

God lives in the weed outside the  gate
Small and unobtrusive in the  grit
What we notice there   becomes our fate

Who looks down with care to see, relate
To   the  humble  soil, the wise, what’s fit?
God lives in the weed outside the  gate

Dandelions not roses I found late
By  the window ,  moths round lanterns flit
What we notice not decides our fate

Attending to the small ,the delicate
We learn, we see,  how weakness is our writ
God lives in the roots beside the  gate

Trees grow tall but roots are infinite
The artist paints grey shadows under-lit
What we notice not decides our fate


The model for the  life class quietly sits
The newer student stutters , is  this it?
God lives in the roots deep by the  gate
When we see the small, oh joyful fate

Any moment captured is a fluke.

Through the cross of gravity and wind
The thinner branches sway in softest  rain
The red leaves of the maple  hang down low
Loose as morals, swift as sudden pain

No leaf or branch is still, the flowers wave
Points of light gleam from the darkest space
The pins of holly glow, protect inmates
Mellow,moving, musical in grace

Ah, see the  tree trunks glowing in strong sun
Maple red and sycamore and larch
Spruced up by  showers that wandered to and fro
Like sheets dried on the line  that flap unstarched

Infinite the leaves of this my book
Any moment captured is a fluke.