Oh, exponential growth in love and care

Oh, so chaste and pure, my husband said
As  I took but him into my bed
I didn’t know I could have taken   two
He had wit  but I had  got no clue.

I’ve never heard of weddings with two grooms
Is this legal, what is here presumed?
I would have thought two brides a better deal
They could share their worries and their meals

Am I lacking  brains to miss the clue
That if you marry one, you might take two?
Then for each one another must be  found
So I’d have four,  eight, sixteen  kiss my hand

Oh, exponential growth in love and care
This seems odd, how  could I even share?

No sentences no syntax,just manure

Objections made to folk who get degrees
Without the payment of gigantic fees
Instead they write great books or create Art
Or  give donations  so to reach the charts

Karen Armstrong got one well deserved
The history of God  quite unexpurged
But for anyone to get a Ph.D
Should   their gifst of money published be?

Page 1

I dedicate my thesis now right here
To all the folk I’ve scammed in South Korea
And in remote yet populated lands
I gave them my old laptops contraband

Page 2
My supervisor was the very best
He let me write a thesis with no text
And at my Oral I was onward blessed
When they  thought  I  looked   a litttle vexed

Page 3

So from now on,  refer to me as Doc
I’m ripe with wisdom like that chimney stack
My thesis is unusual I know
No sentences no syntax,just manure