What did you say?

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Rigor mortis has set in in  our governent or vice versa.But things must be done pro forma pro bono and pro rata.
After all eros is not meant to stay there and yet love conquers all except Jacob Rees Mogg
Liars love con-fusion and  often  co-habiting makes them worse.
I find  this stuff in-hibiting  but I may be ex-hibiting some narcissistic wound or hole
I must stop,end,finish or else I shall go on ad infinitum till you all get psy-chotic.
What is chotic , anyway?
I see it  should be psych-otic.What is otic? What is er-otic? where is hisotic?

Common Latin words used in English

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  • Ipso facto: By the fact itself.
    This often misused term denotes when something is true by its very nature, or a direct result of an action. For example, if you didn’t stop your friend from stealing you are ipso facto an accomplice.
  • Mea culpa: Through my own fault.
    This is Latin for “my bad,” a short phrase to accept blame and apologize for something going wrong.
  • Per diem: For each day.
    This phrase is used in legal and accounting business to refer to payment rendered on a daily basis rather than as an annual salary or hourly rate. For example, if a nurse works on a per diem basis, she is paid by the day and does not have a long-term contract.
  • Pro bono: For the good.

Civis and civility, eros and sweet love

Oh,I learned Latin and it’s Greek to me
Amo, amas,amat oh will you soon love tea?
Dryden did translations and  he was very good
Producing splendid verses as a  very  wild poet should
He  tranlated the Aeneid and I have spelled it wrong
Down amid the dunces I am happy  to  belong.

Half the words in English are Latin I  have found
Memento mori, lament glory ,words in which I drown
Mea  culpa, mea culpa,I should have learned by now
Kyrie Eleison is Greek I fear , but how?
Now the Mass in English it  cannot still evoke
The feelings and the spiritual , they both went up in smoke

Civis and civility, eros and sweet love
Will we stay in Pardise wth the holy dove?
Yet we don’t learn Hebrew to recite the Psalms
We don’t  need electric lights to  do a lot of harm
Annulled by  eerie marriage, void and  overspent
I have crossed out history and I didn’t find dissent

Act yourself


Who did gooseberries fool?
Why do strawberries jam?
Do eggs lie on toast?
She fried her own eggs daily
She even made her own bread
We had grapefruits bigger than the grapes.
Why do sheets change?
Do pillows  have good cases in law?
Why  get married when you can go to prison?
Why have a man when you could  love a cat freely
Why marry a wo/man when you can go fishing?
Just relax and act naturally
My therapist is  dead but I’ve never mentioned it

The honey seeking butterfly unpaid?

The robot voice is from  the a faux BT
The voice is loud with no affect  but rage
My broadband is now ending  after tea

Is this News  broadcast  on the BBC
Or in the Times, if so what is the page?
The robot voice informs me it’s  BT

What type of people scam so merrily?
When boundaries are broken ,disengaged
My broadband is now ending  after tea

I envy the small sparrow in a tree
No need to  use a laptop, no air raid
The robot voice tells lies,it’s not BT

What visions have the eagle high and free
The honey seeking butterfly unpaid?
My broadband will be ending  after tea


Fixation on the  screen  which God forbade
Stops us from reminders of the grave
The robot voice now claims it is BT
My broadband   will end shortly just like me