How to misread the newspaper


This ban on legal thighs will only have one effect: more log related sex accidents
This span of legal lies will only have one defect: more frog related  salt errors
His hiss ran on legal wires until it affected the  breaks  for drug highs at call times.So he was de-tested and de-tested until he didn’t even see the test.Then he passed.
This pan caused more incidents in our home than any thighs,plates,eyes or disguised lies.

I believed in ten of the best come-on lies of all time.
Call me nigh Eve but I’d never seen an organ before.We only had an electric piano on wheels at home
Was it a sin to take a magnifying glass on  a date?Who rues?
I relieved men of their best pies   since Euclid.
I grieved ten men by attesting to their size,lies and siges

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