He had a mobile face with rubber skin

He had a mobile face with rubber skin
I guess he loved me   before I   did love  him
Like proofs in mathematics wear minds thin
And doctrines of religion make us sin
He made me laugh   and Q.E.D we’re kin.
He touched me deeply where our souls begin
He had a mobile face with rubber skin
He loved me , and soon  I  did love him

Images that first alarm the mind

A painting by Paul Klee connected us
I’d never seen  the abstract use of space
I  felt myself    more  open and unearthed
All beings  floating  in  this   spaceless  gaze

Perhaps they  float like we did in the womb
They pass across like fish  pass  in  the sea
The more ,I looked the more   it touched my  depths
And  knew this was a place where I could be.

In our life  of feeling ,seeing  true
Matters more than IQ  or high speed
It’s judgment,taste ,and feeling all refined;
Perception and response to others’ need

So images that  at first  alarm   the mind
Transform our  souls till we are humankind