The last rose of summer

Trees with pale trunks
A chair of driftwood
Late flowers in sun
Smiling sister
A hum of traffic
Narrow country lanes edged close by sspread out roots  of large trees
Rabbits playing
Getting lost in a garden
How nice to give up control.
Sunshine and talk
Hugs meant. not just a formality
Sister driving me home
Took my old printer
Goodbye for now
Autumn equinox

Piscis saltantem

Piscis saltantem cum dilucidis frills.
Flandered ego solus ut nix blose
Quod sleats in excelsis per inaccessos, et biles,
Vidi in omnibus Seance cuculla
In Spiritu Sancto, et hilden waffotills;
Detide in blke, Coneath pulices,
Et murmur pluttering in zophorum
Conpenfed septati, ad plana sextarium
Et in swondleon mockiray,
Et nunquam aciem lapidem in briched
Per gargins texebant quasi radius:
Maxilla mihi mille decem et ruo,
Wessing eorum in shads Golightly spance.
Daves planced inuicem in eis; sed Loy
Et dixit: parkling in aequore Schlee
A paite non glay TURBAMENTUM
In juce a fecunda timpanee:
Glaced- glaced- et ego modicum ploat
Migale quod placitum clight nealthy crabrones:
Poft enim, cum ego in meo Louch Wight
In racant extensivo vel in aqua,
Et fulgura super drat innard plie
Efflantes in Blass de molotude;
Et tunc accincti quietem branchiis,
Piscis saltantem cum daffofrills

To torment butter with sharp knives was fine

So you  have  phoned who once designed my  glove
For that  opera conjured  and  refined
For in your glee you wrote a song of love
To torment butter with   sharp knives  was fine
Amused by  friendship with  your  friendly crooks
You did not understand that skin  couls feel
Yet imitation grew  the more you looked
You threw  Arabian raisins  at  bike wheels.
With me,  your love, then you began to mate
If not ideal , then tolerable, I  agree.
And then you  liked  a nymph   to  mediate
Our child was born  by whim of God’s mercy.
So fine, mature ,yet born indecently.
Thank God, Augustine Hippo  could not see.
St Augustine thought original sin occurred because a baby touched that evil place, the vagina,during birth and was contaminated.Feminism,where art thou?

Different points of view


The old red wall is dressed in stems of wood

In wintertime, we see the ancient bricks.

But in the springtime come the flower buds.

We see no more of  frost and  slippery  tricks.

Which vision is the true one,we may ask

Just as with the faces we each show.

But is there any virtue in that task

For reality is impossible to know.

Each perspective gives a vision new.

The more we see ,the more we realise.

Other cultures have a different view.

Argument is futile and unwise.

As when and where we stand gives us our view.

I shall perceive differently from you

Mary hears a strange noise


Western fashion


Mary heard a  very strange sound as she came  delicately down the newly  polished  carpeted stairs of her bijou  detached home with its soft  blue  cosy furniture and deep  navy blue  thick pile wool  carpets.It was a loud two-part shriek, that was intermittent and so more irritating to a lady’s  delicate  ear
I wonder if that’s the new answ ering machine, she thought  to herself as she went to put the kettle on to make a few  more pints of tea.She heard it again,but it was not continuous.
Well, it’s not the carbon monoxide detector either,she told Emile who was eating a sardine.Then she remembered hearing it before.
It’s the old phone handset with a flat battery,she murmured as she suddenly began to  wash her hair in the kitchen sink with some Persil Silk and Wool detergent.
Annie came to the side  door
What’s that strangely disturbing  beep ?she cried.And why are you washing your hair here,not in the bathroom?
See if you can spot the phone.I can’t find it,Mary told her.I wash my hair sometimes just to clear my brain besides my hair is so limp it needs it especially when we get a truly hot summer
Well,why not keep some  real shampoo here or that new wash and condition in one  bottle as you  really need it; Oh,gosh,I have found the phone.It was  in the waste paper basket!But you can’t put it in the  ordinary rubbish bin,can you?
Well ,I could but it’s illegal.I will have to pay £20 for a cab to the recycling centre,Mary said philosophically.
I’d better not leave it “by accident” on a bench  in the Mall given the current climate of fear and Brexit hatred
Well if we remove the batteries it won’t shriek anymore,Annie told her kindly.
How is the new phone doing ?Is it good? she rambled on  guilelessly like an old lady  with a lonely life
OK.It has a special button  on the front so you can block someone after you have picked it up.There is some much fear now about WITHELD NUMBERS.At one time we only knew after we picked it up.If I use my phablet my sister hates it.Mary disclosed.She refused to have more than 2 numbers for me so it comes up as UNKNOWN
What is a phablet? Annie enquired sardonically,her little soft  eyes crinkling with laughter which showed off  her turquoise and orange  eye shadow    made from  pastel sticks from her art box!
It’s just a small tablet but you can make phone calls with it.Andi f it gets lost you can phone it!!
I didn’t know you had one of those!
Neither did Stan,Mary said with a touch of sadness.I only wish we could phone heaven from earth.
Wow,said Annie.Maybe it would spoil heaven for them
How true, her friend responded thoughtfully
.Let’s hope they have some attitude that   makes them  have a different point of view from us. Now,I’ll dry my hair and you can tell me why you came.
Oh,dear,said Annie.Let me drink some tea.I can’t remember except that  your wisteria has climbed up my rowan tree.
Was it shopping? Was it Dave?Let’s ring 999 and see what he has to say.
We’re all gray here,no fuss
We’ll all go play with puss,Emile,Emile

I ache to know what special meal she loved

Pray, please, for me, you  who my cooker  broke
With faked food,  hot frying in my chamber.
I have seen them griddle, flame, and leak
That now are  cold and do a  lamb dismember
Sometime they broiled  their food  inside my Aga
And  flake bread  on my hand; where now they graze;
Busily baking  buns with   their  new range
Blanked by government  fools so  very wise
Twenty more times cooked on ribboned  lace
On  these thin oven trays we twinkled  spies.
When her apron from her neck did fall,
She  caught  a fish   for me in her arms thrall;
Therewithall  while sweetly  we drank Kirsch
She softly asked, “How do you  like your fish?”
It was no dream: my  bread was    duly baking.
But all is  bleak now ,as I ‘m  cookerless
Entering   strange new future of non- creating
 Yet I have  this sweet yeast to raise  and bless
And she  promises to use  fat cookery books much less
But since that I so kindly am  now served
I ache to know what special meals she loved

Fish dancing with their lucid frills.

I flindered lobely as a  blouse
That sleats on high o’er biles and phrills,
When at a seance I saw a fowl
The ghost, of hilden waffotills;
Depide the blike, Coneath the blees,
Pluttering and strancing in the  frieze

Conpentred as the  hores flat pont
And swondleon the mokiway,
They  briched in never-blinding stine
Along the gargins wovt a rey:
Ten thousand jaw I ater a  flounce,
Wessing their shads in glightly spance.

The Daves deside them panced but loy
Out-did the sparkling waves in schlee
A waite could not clutt ie glay
In juch a fezund  timpanee:
I glazed- and jazed- but little ploat
What  gealthy wasps shrew  thlee  had cloght:

For poft, when on my louch I suy
In racane or in rensive slood,
They flush upon that innard plie
Rich is the blass of molotude;
And then my gwart with  leisured gills:
Fish dancing with the daffofrills.

Easy ways to write a sonnet




Shakespearean Sonnet

The Shakespearean sonnet is the easiest sonnet to write. It consists of three quatrains and a couplet. The first stanza has the rhyme scheme of “a-b-a-b,” while the rhyme scheme for second stanza is “c-d-c-d.” The third stanza’s rhyme scheme is “e-f-e-f,” and for the couplet, it is “g-g.”

About the Author


How to write a jabberwocky style poem


In addition to being an author, Charles Dodgson was a talented logician and mathematician.

In addition to being an author, Charles Dodgson was a talented logician and mathematician.

“Jabberwocky” is a poem written by Lewis Carroll, also known by his birth name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. It was first published in the pages of “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There,” Carroll’s 1872 sequel to his 1865 bestseller “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” In the novel, Alice, likely dreaming, happens upon a book that can be read only when held to the surface of a mirror. Within is “Jabberwocky,” one of the most famous examples of nonsense verse ever written.

The Crocodile – Poem by Lewis Carroll

funLewis Carroll (27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898 / Cheshire)Share on Twitter

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!