My supper



photo05791I  courgette
3 spring onions
Can of butterbeans
1 egg
about 1/ 4 pint milk

Depending on size and amount of veg you need more egg and milk as in a quiche

Chop onion  and courgette and saute in olive oil  gently
Put  into a dish with butterbeans or chick peas [ even home cooked]
Mix egg,milk and seasoning

Pour that over the veg and cook in a medium oven about 30 minutes.Longer if you do a bigger quantity.

Eternal Pest

I thought our love was real , no more, I trust
Your persona was  of cleverness and  of heart
My judgment was  disabled by  my guts
I did not perceive as clearly as  I must
I thought  this love was real ,I gave my trust
You were biting and evasive  when I asked
You took your   blade and cut   us  both apart
I thought our love was real ,why did  I trust?
You acted  out fake wisdom and  fake heart
I  never  would have known that at the start
The meaning was of power stoked up with lust
In your heart you never took a guest.
I wish you peace,  be off Eternal Pest!


Is personality fixed?



What Is Character? Debunking the Myth of Fixed Personality


Philip K. Dick, from The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick 1972-1973:

A person’s authentic nature is a series of shifting, variegated planes that establish themselves as he relates to different people; it is created by and appears within the framework of his interpersonal relationships

The Fake District

If you want to die because you have a severe terminal illness I just though going onto the Quicksands in Morecambe Bay is easier than jumping off a cliff.Plus nobody would see your body.Be kind.Vanish!I used to be terrified of it as a child

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Oh,my dear sister, what see you there?

She’d never seem rainwater deeper than eyes
Mystery undisguised.
Round the rain puddle she ran and ran;
Too much for her dolly’s pan.
By reflections of trees ,she was hypnotised.
Curiousity’s often so wise
Oh,my dear sister what  see  you there?
I hope it’s a vision fair.
What are these ships and the tugs and the tide?
Where are the sailors who died?
This is an ocean and I’m in my boat
Come sisters dear,let us float.
We’ll never see Daddy again, ‘cos he’s here
and down her face travelled one tear.
I see him afar off, he’s meeting the Lord
There’s the archangel with his sharpest sword.
We cannot follow,no, we must go back
We each must stay on our own track.
Three little children with long  light  brown hair
On this road going to where?
Once three small sisters ,but now only two;
Eyes of one green and one  blue
By the park gate  side a pool of sea rain
We shall be three again.
One in a pushchair and one gripping tight.
I push my dear sisters into the light.
Keep hold of the handle and never let go
However the East wind does blow
Keep hold of my hands as Dad crosses the sea
Don’t hope for what cannot be.
I told her it’s only a rainwater pool,
Held in God’s hand like a jewel.
But she saw the patterns and she saw the tides
Which all human beings must ride.
For nothing is “only” and nothing is “just”.
Nothing and everything’s passed

On calling yourself a writer

“At this stage I am usually looking to shorten the lines, tighten the language, improve the vocabulary; to test out the rhythm and flow. I repeat this until I feel the poem communicates what I wanted to say. Sometimes it is difficult not to keep refining; it is important to know when to stop!

“What have you learnt about writing in the last 6 months?

So much! The Art of Writing has been life-changing! Here is my list; my aide memoir for becoming a better writer:

  • Have fun; enjoy it
  • Reflect and meditate
  • Be open and observant
  • Write often even when there seems to be nothing to write about!
  • An initial idea can lead anywhere: it is just that – a stimulus to writing
  • Look beyond the literal; use metaphor
  • Select language that communicates; is rich and appeals to the senses: taste it, feel it, hear it!
  • Share work in a circle of trust seeking and responding to feedback
  • Find a reason; a purpose; an audience for writing even if it is just yourself!
  • Practice, practice, practice. Write, write, write”