He has a mind as warm as it is deft

He has a mobile face with rubber skin
I guess he loved me much before I  loved  him
As proofs in mathematics wear minds thin
And doctrines of religion make us sin
He makes me laugh   and Q.E.D we’re kin.
He touched me deeply where our souls begin
He has a mobile face with rubber skin
He loved me much , and soon  I   much loved him.

He has a   mind    as warm as it is deft
Wise men perceive their own  and our desire.
When he goes, all’re sad  that he has left
He has a   mind    as warm as it is deft
His smile’s a wind  warm from the ocean blessed
As   blessed his soul was  from the Holy Fire
He has a   mind    as warm as it is deft
Wise men perceive and own   their soul’s desire.

I’m lonely just for you

I didn’t know I’d love you
With both my heart and mind
Every love is different
Each is a special kind


I didn’t know I’d miss you
In quite the way I do.
For we can’t  feel emotion
Before its time is due.


And are you missing me now
Despite angelic hosts?
They  may care for you ,dear heart
But I think I care the most.


Yet all human lovers
Must part and go their ways.
Some may die and fall to dust
Some may go astray.


I didn’t know I’d love you
And hurt invade my heart.
I didn’t know that  you’d love me.
But  we would have to part.


From mother and her bosom
From father and his strength
We  lose and gain throughout our life
Whatever is its length.


I didn’t know I’d miss you
With all my loving heart.
But . as we’re made of fragile flesh.
Humans  must  sadly part.


If you had been a sadist
If you had been unkind.
I would not now be grieving
And half losing my mind.


So maybe I should be grateful
For being found and known.
I wish you were still sitting here.
And I were not alone.


When we feel so lonely
No-one else will do.
It’s not that I’m just lonely.
I’m lonely, just for you.


In the wet and stony
Pathways we must go
We must keep on walking;
Be patient  when we’re slow.


The inner force is working
To make new maps for me.
Wherever they shall guide my steps,
With you I’ll  long to be.

How like a dream

How like a dream this world appears to me
My mind unfocussed spreads itself about..
No details, just an outline I can see.
And  this vague dimness fills my mind with doubt.

The early sun made joy rise in my heart
As I looked out upon the gardens gold.
Of nature and each season we’re a part.
As with patience we let all our self unfold.

We are as nothing in the vast space of this sky
Where stars send light from deeps of long ago.
And yet despite my nightmares I shall try
As fears make fences if we don’t say “No.”

We have to make our dreams a home on earth;
From there creative thoughts are given birth

I’ve lost the cordless handset and my specs.

I’ve lost the cordless handset  and my specs.
I   put them down   right when the doorbell rang
I  can’t phone out nor read a message  texted

To lose more than a partner makes me vexed
Already in my heart I feel a pang
I’ve lost the cordless handset  and my specs.

I wonder what possession I’ll lose next
The knell is waiting anxious to be rung
I can’t moan nor read a message  texted

I’ll have to go next door on some pretext
But must not keep them talking for too long
I’ve lost the cordless handset  and my specs.

I feel if I continue I’ll be wrecked
But all us humans need to use our tongue
I  can’t weep nor read a message  texted

I must not rumimate nor thoughts dissect
I ‘ve been careless but I ‘ve done no wrong
I’ve lost the cordless handset  and my specs.
I  can’t speak nor read a message  texted

How to write a better sentence




This is from the New Statesman.Many journals  or newspapers produce style guides.They tell us what kind of sentence they like to see in their articles.But it may vary slightly.
I think this is a very good piece even if you are writing a novel not  an article.