Are we still in charge of our lives?

Once we become ill or have an accident we are in danger of no longer being the agent in our own life.

People assume that we’ve got dementia unless we can prove otherwise. My husband was badly injured in an accident which nearly knocked his eye out broke his nose and his cheekbones and caused his brain to bleed. Before going to the hospital the ambulance brought him to the house so that I could go with him. They were sorry that he got dementia but he had not got dementia

In the ambulance he was sitting looking in pain and very puzzled while a young woman and paramedic was screaming at the top of her voice.. Who is the prime minister?

I told this young woman to shut up

I explained to him calmly and quietly what happened and he was perfectly alright. Of course he was badly injured and he never recovered 100% but his mind was alright. 100, 96, 92, 88,84,80,76,72,68,64,60………

Be aware that this can happen

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