No escape from the hospital

My nephew’s appendix has burst so he has now got drones in. Thank God for the NHS as we cannot thank man.

My sister can’t speak. She’s got long cancer. Well you heard of long COVID. Use your imagination.

So far they are not using nuclear weapons. Let’s hope chemotherapy might be better. If only we could give it to the Russian army. Or at least to Putin.

The trouble with cancer is you can’t always remove the organ. Especially if it’s in your brain.

My nephew was in pain all the weekend but did not want to disappoint his children. Remember your children will be more disappointed if you die than if they miss you dressing up as Father Christmas

This is a case of being too good and not wanting to upset other people and his wife is a vet so I can’t help wondering why she didn’t know what was happening. Unfortunately she works mainly with horses.

In my family 3 of my siblings had burst appendixes. The 4th one is dead. He had pneumonia. Can I draw any conclusion from this? That we will all die in the end and it’s not always the people you expect to die whi8 go first

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