To love and to hate from this day forward

Families are a good idea because we all need somebody to hate.

According to some modern theologians there is no hell. It’s either heaven on earth or extinction. If Ian Paisley is in heaven it will be a miracle.

I keep forgetting that we Catholics are meant to worship statues. Most of us seem to worship cars, expensive clothing, le creuset pots and sex

Can you worship sex without another person being involved ?

They say my husband worshipped the ground I walked on. That’s why I bought a bicycle.

Before I rode to work I used to pray to st. Christopher although there where no cars when he was alive.

I wonder why Jesus actually walked on the water. After all they did have boats. Maybe he could not row.

I sure in the newspaper that some doctors were suggesting that we should assess our elderly relatives for dementia over Christmas dinner. The problem is that I am the elderly relative. Anyway they forgot to do it and I didn’t mention it so I should be alright for another 12 months I don’t know what they can actually do for you.

Christmas comes but once a year. Really that is so unfair.

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