My memories my only souvenir

At home by Katherine

I saw my house uprooted like a tree

Great roots were severed, how I ached to see

And all was tossed without my love and care

Bits of earth fell from the roots. now bare.

Barbaric in its mad intensity

I wept the tears of grief for you, for me.

Our home attacked,destroyed and I lie here.

Putting out the flames with profuse tears

Lamenting for my love who died within

The collapsing of my world now with no sun

The house a symbol of our marriage true

Cannot stand without a me and you

So my vision passed and I am here

My memories are my only souvenir

The past a lost abyss

What to you may be a worthless weed
Bears its little flowers to make its seeds
Thus it spreads itself as Love requires
Humble speedwell,hear of our desires.

In the pavements cracks were home to grass
The sidestep slabs were broken like thick glass
When deep frost came, rain made frozen pools
I trod in them as I tore up to school

The crackling ice, the mist dropped on the park
Our ginger cat, the trees, the dog that barked
A woman in the kitchen making tea
The oven by the fire, the big door key

Little signs spark tender memories
The future fiction, past a lost abyss

Smiling at me

I was smiling at you as if you could see me

Made me feel happy at the time

I was smiling at you as if we were young again

So I thought I would drop you a line.

But it’s only a photograph, only a photograph.

I’m smiling the way you were smiling

But you couldn’t see me at the time.

Still a good sign I was smiling again

So I’m sending you you a few more lines

That isn’t a crime

They might even rhyme

10 Best Ways to Get My Chromebook Screen Back to Normal – TechWiser


Turn off High-contrast Mode

When the high-contrast mode is enabled on your Chromebook, the colors will appear weird or inverted. To bring normal colors back, you have to turn off the high-contrast mode.×288&!e&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=iEAf9rNGC5&p=https%3A//

For that, use the Ctrl + Search + H keyboard shortcut. Or, go to Settings > Accessibility > Manage accessibility settings and disable Use high-contrast mode.

Chromebook High COntrast Mode