The name of pain

I was thinking about pain I have met several people who have chronic pain and it causes them to change their way of life

lThen I read the language that we use to talk about pain has a big affect on our experience of the pain. If we say if its unfair that we have chronic pain

that tends to make it seem worse.What meaning can we give to fairness ?

Why do we think that the world is fair?

Someone I know lost his belief in God because his best friend and his wife both had cancer and his best friend has died

Millions of people died in the Holocaust and Jewish people certainly stop believing in God.

Do we at some level expect there to help those we love alive?

It’s very painful to learn that it’s not only people far away from us who are suffering but people near us people ,we love

So when one or two people close to you become ill you become very distressed and you want to focus your anger onto something and I suppose that God if smeone that you could choose to be angry with.

I myself have been into churches to tell God I hated him after a suicide I hated him affected

When you get older you realise that a lot of people commit suicide and more men than women and that the kind of society we live in or the kind of world we live in is not always one that will benefit the people living in it especially the poor and that’s not the fault of God? I’m using God in a very simple way. We feel that someone is in charge but God may have created the world but I don’t think he’s involved in all the everyday decisions that we make all that the government makes. I’m absolutely certain that God is not involved in all those decisions except through a few people there are who are trying 2 to perceive things well l&d to curb the hatred of their enemies.

we don’t like to feel that the world and also ourselves are subject to meaningless random accidents. That’s why even the suffering that many Christians endured did not make them lose their face because they believe in God and and knowing that they will go to heaven if they were executed gave are meaning to their lifehowever painful it might be lack of meaning is worse than physical suffering for many people.

so pain happens Mayve arthritis runs in your family so you’re not so surprised when you get it and it does seem wrong when you reach the point when you can’t walk or or do a lot of activities.

you may have to take up new activities.

mathematics is a very good painkiller for both mental pain and physical pain.

You could do it Open University course in mathemati is that does not appeal to you you what about a creative writing course?

You could make cakes

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