Grandad were you cold?

When I was a child it was very important for girls to learn to knit because everybody needed a real woollen jumper or cardigan and we use double knitting wool.
When we grow up we will be expected to to make clothes for our family and to be able to cook properly. I don’t mean in French country cooking I mean cooking cheaper meat.
Making hot puddings which would have protein in like rice pudding and semolina or steamed jam sponge which may have too much sugar in.
Use it were unlikely to be very rich so we did not expect expensive clothes no shoes. I did not wonder why we didn’t have expensive things it’s simply that in your mother told you you couldn’t have it then you accept it at least until you are 14.
I don’t think anybody ever explain to me that’s they only had a certain amount of money coming in in and I don’t know what I thought about not having a car or or going on school trips.
If I had said there and had children I would have gone like that and that would have been very nice but I got scholarship to university. That was when I first encountered central heating.
I’ve not always had a central heating in the houses Ihave lived in in it is very pleasan
No we’re told that we older people will be ill if you don’t have central heating.
My grandfather was a coal miner he retired at 64 with a heart attack but then live to be 82 and I remember the last time I saw him he was lying in bed his nose sticking out lot of because of bone. He had cancer it was my 21st birthday he could not speak as he gave me a £5 note and he smiled then he died
His bedroom was quite cold but he had several blankets on the bed that was April. I don’t know no what it would be like in the winter but iprogress really laughing

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