The end

I have loved you and I’ve held you.

Many years,you have been mine;

If the time has come for parting

Let us embrace for one last time.

You know you have to leave me,

Though you desire a longer stay.

Let me hold you in my arms now

For tonight and one more day.

Then I’ll watch you travel on,sweet.

We seem take the last step quite alone.

I’ll be here beside you watching.

I shall sense when you are gone.

May you accept, may you surrender.

I hope you reach the promised land.

Into this earth my tears will fall, love,

As I recall your tender hands.

Voice typing

Moorish I hope you are keeping well I’m not finding marriage very interesting.

Food food and moorfield every day

Why are men so greedy!?

Being too critical as a wife

I need to get teac1h yourself domestic slavery in 6 weeks.

Or how to become a nonsense worker I’ll make plenty of money

Trying to be humorous but it doesn’t seem very funny really to me so why didn’t you finish you. Why is sex funny

Loving daughter



Refurbished men

The River Lea starts in the Chiltern hills

Its lower banks are filled with daffodils

On nearby downs folks  glide to whipsnade zoo

I wonder if if the tigers see them now

And if the amber tigers would  be pleased

To eat a man when he’ d been over teased.

Since my lover died I’ve stayed away

what would I do if he was  on eBay

Being sold as used for £20

I’d rather keep his ashes underground

Can we refurbish men we used to love

When they have flown away to heaven above?

Fishes smile

The lawns of Waltham Abbey are burning, burning brown

Harald’s dust lies here in holy ground.

The river Lea is flowing clear and green

Full of little fishes quite unseen

But there are predators evolve to eat

Tiny fish embody what is sweet.

The bones are fragile, elegant

And neat.

Do such fish have names we cannot speak?

The fish smile on while we play hide and seek