His church confession

Dear Arthur

0 thank you for the watch from Switzerland unfortunately after 50 years has broken can you please send me another one I will send you my new address separately

If you have remarried please do not burden your wife with any stories about me you know quite well that you are far too introverted to be married to someone like myself and I’ll give you a favour very unsociable that is by studying classics every night in bed

00000 the bed with 30 small we should have got a king size one

My it’s so easy to know what one should have done 40 years too late and it’s quite possible that you’ve been extremely happy with a young woman extroverts and lively disposition dummy

0 please don’t worry because you must be over 8 to buy now

Do you think of Google voice dictation

04 is it any good inferring human happiness from a phone even if it is a large roll

I have published 32 books under my own of poetry I do not use your surname anymore in fact I forgot what it is but luckily I still have your email address so I can write to you even though I don’t know who you are does it matter my letters to people practising my English and getting ideas and sometimes the letter itself turns into a phone so I can just publish it straight away without doing anything else to it isn’t it wonderful

0000 but Anna Anna freezes up was so much poetry being written

It is not the most popular kind of book I need to move into soft romantic fiction or cruel horrible thrillers incorporating sexual assault and murder I don’t think I’m going to do that 0 I will have to write something gentle but in this world do you think there’s any point

0 was there any point in the reign of Henry VIII

Get many books have been written about him combining murder sex violence passion and possibly possibly love what did Henry VII my love

0 I don’t know if any historians would have research that did love just mean desire for a beautiful woman who will give you children feel a strong desire or did it mean that you will care about them my as you care about yourself well I don’t think so not you didn’t care a damn where handball in went after their breakup so you decided to have a head cut off so beautiful that she would never talk to anybody else about their marital secrets and it’s potency or lack of it that’s all I have time for now

0 look after yourself remember you are 8 to 7

Very stylish

One or two sorts

My first Possession and Destruction

The Devil of old Darwen

The ghost in the Dean

The graveyard of coats

The funeral writhes and what to do with them.

My first delusion.

The sign of the loss.

Can we believe that God needs a blood sacrifice after Isaac was savedvby the angel?

Can God do mathematics?

Would God really want children to learn quadratic equations?

What did God know about mathematics before it was invented or or before it was detected?

Water can’t be tortured

Water can’t be tortured as it’s fluid.

0h every living creature has its bounds

Only God is infinite in size

Though as a still small whisper he’s been found.

When enraged, our hearts turn hard like stone.

Who wants to live like that for very long?

As if the heart itself was just a bone

A heart without a feeling or a song.

Life and love require a softer heart

We may be tortured by the devil’s Kin

Hope and faith aren’t measured on a chart

Nor do they lie inside our precious skin

The Russian madman starts uncivil war

As we are part blood we’re not immune

As we are part flesh that can be pierced

Our heart will dry up, lose its inner tune.

Humans birds and animals have flesh

So unlike rivers they are put to death