Not the asylum


On Thursday the nurse said my BP was still too high and I lay down to relax when the morning nurse burst in suddenly shouting and glaring.

She said I don’t have angina and tricked me into giving her my GTN spray and said I could not have it.Why would you use GTN for kicks.It gives one headaches but opens up the arteries.
i have had angina 16 years and told to keep this on me always by all my previous doctors as it is unstable angina
She said the night nurse would not give it to me even if I got pain.They would have to ring 999 …that must have been a joke
So what were they playing at?
I was terrified.I cried so much it was painful and terrifying to be at risk of cardiac arrest ?

Did they think I was lying.
I don’t think they know what angina is
The very same day the doctor sent a prescription to Boots for the same thing.

So maybe they read my notes
And it came here but they would not give it to me.
As often nobody comes when I ring the buzzer I was frightened
However the nurse gave it to me on Saturday
On Monday Fah So Dough
came here and shouted.

Where is it?

Who gave it to you?

I broke down and cried again
I am in danger of cardiac arrest
I kept it
I began trembling uncontrollablely which annoyed her
She shouted she would not take it by force.
Then my poor sister arrived.
I only slept 2 nights out of 7
I have suffered anguish and more
Is it legal for this to happen?
I have suffered a lot from people who are paid to care for me
What do you think?

What is the Light?

About the golden light what can I say?

Love is near and we don’t need to pray

Enter into darkness without fear

Another hand will  guide and help us steer

I had lost my faith I was berefr

I could not speak, and sinking was my craft

Then a the soft bright cloud embraced me whole.

I felt a presence and I saw the light

Why should I be helped when many die?

The mystery ,of God the soul destroyed