Snap dragons

Photo by Tara Winstead on

I didn’t abuse you, it was a snap-dragon next to me
Please give me peace,lily.
Roses can be read by those in the know
Where’s the menu? I ate it? I need solid food
Polyanthus is a name I abhor.I can’t even spell it.
What’s the bill? A piece of paper .That figures
Lupins are my favourite form of life
I’d hate to read a paper on quantum theory.That’s why we get the Sun.We know what to expect.Probably…. about 96% sure
Why do people eat ducks’ legs? Seems so cruel.I know ducks swim but……
This is my mobile home.What, a tent? No, it’s a headboard
A pity gold was discovered.Mud is less contentious
Satan is my fiend today.Let us pray/play.prey