The eye

The eye is not a camera taking shots
Our mind affects the aspect we perceive
And what it feels important it allots
Gives grace or hatred ,causes us to grieve.

When we are afraid ,we see the worst
We see disgrace or ruin as our fate
As if our self for horror has a thirst
So all the little details we collate

Yet when we love we see before us joy
The flowers sing, the birds dance in the air
We see no evil nor with hatred toy
All aspects of our world appear more fair.

We see not what is there,we see our self
To learn ,we must employ our own mind’s wealth

Mary thinks about the winter

After reading the Guardian Mary realised knitting going to become popular again because that is where the garments that kept her parents warm came from.From knitting needles which her mother used

But withvthe price of wool nowadays only the wealthy will be able to get to use pure wool.

How did my parents afford wool¿she whispered to Emile?

There’s no point asking me,he told her. Cats don’t wear woollen jumpers.

Cats don’t wear any kind of jumpers Mary told him knowledgeably.

How do you know that there are no cats in Russia or in Alaska who need to wear an extra layer of warmth in the winter?

No it would not be practical They would get wet in the snow and then it wouldbfreeze during the night so they would be ill.

in addition to that cats can lick their own fur clean but how would the take their jumpers off and wash them?

I see what you mean, Mary.

Why was wool affordable 50 years ago.

I bought a cardigan pattern at the newsagents but when I looked at search at home I calculated that it would cost £120 to make it.

Since I am not very good at knitting I was afraid that I might do it wrong and so I decided to have a look at cardigans when I was Marks and Spencer’s.

And how much were they Emile asked

£30 or £40 but they’re not thick wool. Some arw5 made from viscose

But with people having central heating thin cardigans might be warm enough?

I know the price of gas is going up. And we will have to adapt to reality or die.

I suppose that we can have a coal fire but we have no fireplace.

We can have a fire in the garden, the friendly cat said knowingly.

But surely we don’t want to live in the garden during the winter even if there was a fire. it is much colder in the garden than inside the house.

Yes I have noticed that, he mewed.

You have your fur said Mary enviously.

if you would like a woollen coat I could knit you one because if that gets wetI could remove it from your little body and dry it on the clothes maiden.

Thank you my love,he said winsomely. You must be the best mother in the world.

Too true,vshe said ponderously.

Since I don’t have any fur she continued I will have to wear several layers of clothing when I can’t afford to put the radiators on. I could get some clothes like vests from the shop that sells to people who are going to climb Everest.

On top of the vest I would wear a cotton shirt and then on top of that I would where I woollen cardigan with buttons down the front so I could undo it if I got too warm.

I could wear a Harris Tweed skirt on my lower body.

Well I didn’t expect you to wear it on your head ,

Emile smiled.

thank you dear Mary told him. I will make myself a mohair hat. And I will make myself an infinity scarf.

Can I have one too Emile asked grinning beautifully?

It is a Mobius strip,he went on

I am doing another university degree,the smart cat informed her intellectually

We are doing Topology

I didn’t know that you were dreaming about a mathematics course.

Yes I have been awarded a student loan.

How did you manage that she enquired?

I’ll tell them my name is Emile Tan and I am your son. Well I am running away otherwise

Do they not ask you for the photograph?

I’ll tell them that you will send it later.

I think that you should be doing the degree in criminology and the psychopathic mind.

No thank you I prefer infinite dimensional space.

Have you seen any?

I expect they take us later in the year.

And how can I afford that?

They will give loans to the poor.

That’s all well and good but how can the poor repay these loans?

We will find out later.

I hope it won’t make people depressed.

well if abortion gets to be illegal there will be more mothers starving and not able to produce enough breast milk.

If you’ve been raped it will be very cruel to make you have the baby

And more children who are not wanted so I suppose they could be adopted.

I think we need to go out for tea to cheer ourself up.

Marks and Spencer’s cafe is very pleasant and we could look at the cardigans as well I wish that Stan was here. He could make wonderful cakes and biscuits .

And they both sat with their mouths drooping like of a great many of the people living in the United Kingdom where they were still trying to get B Johnson to leave downing Street and stop him committing

Adultery telling lies, buying gold wallpaper &:believing his hair makes him look younger


What is care?

Hello hello she moans and then she screams

She wants the nurse to come she’s had bad dreams

She overdoes the calling ,makes them mad.

She wants to see her mother or her dad.

But now she’s 94 nobody’s left

She still looks from South to East to West.

Let’s go home she whispers to herself.

Oh,where is home when she has little wealth?

The husband’s dead her daughter sadly too.

T1he Carers have no time, what can she do ?

She thinks another lady fancies men

she envies her then envies her again

What about the man who barks and quacks?

What pointed grief what torture rushes back?


These modern lepers lack Lord Jesus touch

The old the blind the deaf no longer rich.

Dementia is an illness cruelly taxed.

They have to sell their houses that’s a fact.

If you’re ill where is the NHS?

Old and weak be frightened, know the rest