The eye

The eye is not a camera taking shots
Our mind affects the aspect we perceive
And what it feels important it allots
Gives grace or hatred ,causes us to grieve.

When we are afraid ,we see the worst
We see disgrace or ruin as our fate
As if our self for horror has a thirst
So all the little details we collate

Yet when we love we see before us joy
The flowers sing, the birds dance in the air
We see no evil nor with hatred toy
All aspects of our world appear more fair.

We see not what is there,we see our self
To learn ,we must employ our own mind’s wealth

What is care?

Hello hello she moans and then she screams

She wants the nurse to come she’s had bad dreams

She overdoes the calling ,makes them mad.

She wants to see her mother or her dad.

But now she’s 94 nobody’s left

She still looks from South to East to West.

Let’s go home she whispers to herself.

Oh,where is home when she has little wealth?

The husband’s dead her daughter sadly too.

T1he Carers have no time, what can she do ?

She thinks another lady fancies men

she envies her then envies her again

What about the man who barks and quacks?

What pointed grief what torture rushes back?


These modern lepers lack Lord Jesus touch

The old the blind the deaf no longer rich.

Dementia is an illness cruelly taxed.

They have to sell their houses that’s a fact.

If you’re ill where is the NHS?

Old and weak be frightened, know the rest