Life is a patterned weave

    Some days are sad and blue

    And then we feel lonely too;

    Or we cause rifts.

    Some days are doldrum days.

    Some days are like bad plays.

    Not such a gift.

    Most days have joyful parts.

    Most days we lift our hearts.

    They pass all too swift.

    Some days love speaks to me.

    Some days I feel so free.

    I love my craft.

    Life is a patterned weave.

    Love helps us when we grieve.

    Love is a raft.

    See how the sun comes back.

    See how light fills the gaps..

    Some days we laugh.

    Weep now and I’ll weep with you.

    I have known sorrow too.

    Yet sorrow will pass.

    Joy is not far away.

    Joy will return one day….

    Life’s  art and craft.





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