Grass singing

I have heard grass singing in the wind.
I have walked through poppy fields in sun
I have known how dark gried can descend

I have watched trees’ shadows in deep ponds
I have felt the arctic wastes of pain
I have heard grass weeping in the wind.

Another soul is writing with my hand
Yet I have wept while loaning them my pen
I am mangled when sharp rain descends

I have known the edges of the mind
I ‘ve sensed the silence un-contained
. I have heard grass singing in the wind.

I am here for people who’re confined
I record the old deals of cruel men
I have suffered when dark rain descends

I have caught the storm by camera lens.
I have felt the solar system bend.
I have heard grass singing in the wind.
I have seen the pitch black rain descend


Like a statue

No longer am I rooted like a tree

I’m like a statue standing in a bog

Of all secure connections I am free

My only soulmate is a silent frog

The wind may blow me over then you’ll see.

I’ll sink into the earth like some old log.

I’m well acquainted with adversity.

Lost in this wet earth, my grave is dug

Eaten up by worms and myriad bugs

But not tossed out and eaten by the dogs

I dwell inside this heart still ruled by love

Abandoned by my friends and family

An unencripted gravestone floats to sea.