No fixed àddress

Noone saw me,no one met my eyes.

I felt the life inside me wilt and die

Of no value to the human race

If no-one saw them they would not exist

Leonard Cohen”s name was on a list.

I almost burned away in hot distress

The charred remains would have no fixed address.

Like the Jews who wandered for a space,

No eyes no gold ,no teeth, I am a Jew

I have no tongue to speak, nor language too.

My doctor

My doctor told me to go out at night.

The Surgery is closed so bring a light

Don’t tell me you smoke, you silly man

Illt stay at home and put the kettle on

I am more cute than any kettle here

Why in any case I want a souvenir

Of what my darling,do you mean a child?

I am 93, you make me wild

Please forgive my errors as we talk

If that’s English you have made your mark

If it’s Hindu tell us what you mean.

I don’t know my angel,I want to see the Queen.

Good luck there she needs a lot of care.

Don’t omit to send my love to her


I thought I loved a man with all my heart

Until I ate your famous apple tart.

I thought that I could live inside his arms

Till your heat destroyed his little charms

I was too kind so now I shall be cruel.

You must fight a sex fiend in a duel

I needed to escape his lassoo long

So I burst into a moralistic playgirl song

He could could afford no golden ring for me

He banks with only HSBBC.

I said he had to save me on his Drive.

He hates Google,ain’t that a surprise?