Don’t use force.

I broke my phone by asking someone to help me put the charger in She said you have to push it hard.That broke some thing in the port

Trying to use force or excess will power to achieve our ends is similar Instead we need to be more gentle and more aware

I had to get a new phone but my old one was 9 years old.

We need to trust ourself and l’autre moi our inner partner that knows much more than we do as we can see in our dreams and in our perceptions if we pay attention.

We all know more than we think but don’t hunt,just wait and be attentive.



British Education

From the Times today

A head teacher from Nottinghamshire said that her school spent little time on literacy or numeracy in reception because it had to focus on basic care. Some four and five-year-old children joined reception class unable to say their own names and having drunk only from baby bottles. One child was brought to school in a shopping trolley.