Not suffering

He was not suffering from dementia He was glad to forget anything he could.

He died before he was diagnosed so they brought him back and asked if he wanted to be resuscitated

No, he said.I have seen your ugly mug twice already I’d feel better in hell than this rehab unit.Since when do you send dying people here?

The doctor said you fell over.

Not unusual in men with 90 per cent heart failure.

You are very intelligent

It is no help to the dying.

The old

We have no boundaries when we grow too old.

Unless we have blithe spirits rich and bold

They will tick us off for unmade beds

Give us soup and tea when we lie still.

Who will notice when we’re stiff and dead

Tell the nurse we have not paid the bill

Grandad died at home I thought him old

He worked in the mines was black with coal

He had raised 6 children on his own .

He never grumbled, suffered all alone.

He gave me 5 pound notez when I was tall

21 years old and sorting mail.

Then I grew away and live down here .

Lord forgive my sins,I hated fear

The grief academy


I have studied  and I’ve got my last degree
My heart has learned its lessons one by one.
I’m a graduate of the grief academy

I didn’t know how painful it would be
When the one I loved is here and then is gone
I’ve been studied  and  I got the third degree

The tears I wept  could wash out the Dead Sea
Remove the salt and scour the shore till done
I’m a graduate of the grief academy

I know well we must die,we cannot flee
We turn to dust and that is not much fun
I have studied  and I’ve got my last degree

It’s not  News, nothing for the BBC
Unless you’re Stephen Hawkings, that great man
We’re graduates of the grief academy

We can’t control life with a self made plan
God is gone though prayer  might well begin
I have suffered till I got a new degree
I’m a graduate of the grief academy

Mary diagnoses herself.Why is there no doctor?

Useful information here

Hello, mother, cried Emile as Mary came through the front door.
What’s happened
The doctor was not wearing a mask and she says I have to go out and play Bingo
That seems odd.
Mary made them both pilchard sandwiches topped with vanilla ice cream.And wondere what was wrong with her
Suddenly she realised the pain had a curious intensity, like she had felt in her teeth /jaw just before an angina attack

Out came the GNT spray which she aimed under her tongue,using Guy’s Hospital method
Wow,said Emile.That looks weird.Can I have some?
Emile, it is what bombs are made of.It could kill a cat
In a few minutes the pain was gone and Mary felt relieved though angry
In ran Annie in pink leisure clothes and green Mary Jane shoes
I like your shoes,Mary said.Where did you get them?
I found then at the back of the wardrobe
I think I shall look in my wardrobe, though some shoes I had kept for best disintegrated
I was having tea with Dorothy.I looked down and saw lots of black spots on her carpet.It was the soles of my shoes.She was very kind and just got her dus
t pan and brush
I think we should wear the things we love now, not save them for some imaginary future,Annie murmured like a pike that has just seen Ted Hughes in its dreams
Guess what I have bought,Mary cried
A new mug?
No, a coat the colour of dark grey stone wallss
I don’t like the sound of that.Shall we call Dave?
No, it’s ok,I am pleased I can sit on walls in the winter
You are easily pleased,Annie informed her.Most women want new kitchens, Le Creuset pots, clothe s and shoes
I have enough,Mary responded.

But who defines what is enough? When I went for an interview for Uni it was on a Tuesday.I wore my only blouse on Sunday so I wore it again though the collar was dirty and my cardigan made by Mother was not a success as the button band was not the right length as it twisted
I went over the Pennines by train in the worst winter ever and arrived for my interview with no money for a sandwich for my lunch
The men interviewing mte asked why I wanted to do maths
I said,I want to do research.I had already discovered something myself though later I saw Pascal had discovered it.He had better notation which helps
They burst out laughing and slapped their thighs.At least they didn’t sexually abuse me

I had never seen men with manicured hands before
How did you feel?
In those days I didn’t feel,Mary told Annie.I wish I were like that now
At least they accepted you,Annie whispered.Let’s not bring up the past
It seems to come up by itself
And so say all of us