Open up

Above Poole Harbour on the Southern side

We climbed that high green hill and heard larks’ cries

We looked with love upon a. World made new.

Our inner eyes were widened by this view.

We saw that love inclines the  heart to find

The astral body spreads out like the mind.

The world’s a mother holding me it’s child.

Yet maintains too the savage and the wild

There is no evil in the Tiger’ s eye

We are gnawed  by worms; in earth we sigh

Hold me tight as in the earth we lie

Teach me how to cry

Daddy, how we missed you when you died
None had understood but one of five.
Come back,Daddy,miss your sunny eyes

I imagined we must never cry
When the cancer took your life
Poor Daddy, how you suffered,then you died

When you wanted company, I tried
I was too articulate for my age
Come back,Daddy,miss my Daddy’s eyes

By the flower beds, you wanted a guide
You wanted me to talk.I really tried.
Daddy we fell down a hole, why did you just die?

You slept all alone when pain arrived
We girls slept with mammy, on your side
Come back,Daddy, don’t you miss our eyes?

I always hum like you did, though I’m shy
You are singing through me, close and wise
Daddy, we have missed you all our lives
Come back,Daddy, teach me how to cry.

I lost a leg,I lost a hand I lost my heart and soul.

On England’s hills and dales ,we roamed
Up tall mountains climbed
Now the Lord has got you home.
I wish it were my time

Will I never see your smile
On pale and sandy shores.?
How you loved and for a while
You unlocked my door.

Then your heart was worn away
When you saw my scars.
But they say one coming day
There’ll be no more wars.

Even in our human form
Alien life can grow.
Of two lovers, one’s forlorn,
And it shall be so.

I would not wish to go the first,
To leave you pale and thin.
Of two choices one is worse.
The Lord wants you within.

So sail away ,my lover dear
Sail into the deep
I took you to the river near.
So, alone I weep.

I send you all my memories
I send you all my thoughts
And I know, whatever is,
You were whom I sought.

You caught me up,you put me down
I don’t know where I be.
But I will smile and I will frown
I don’t know if I’m me.

Losing,losing,losing you,
Losing our dear life.
Losing,losing,losing you
Am I still your wife?

I’m not me as you’re not here
Who have I become?
But I’ll live, despite my fears.
My life is not yet done.

I lost a leg,I lost a hand
I lost my heart and soul.
Pray for me my own sweet love
And I may be more whole.

Look at me,from where you be.
Look at me again.
When you look,whom do you see?
I still have my pen