To return love for hate—- is it possible?

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What is humor except crossing a boundary?
I wish I were an ivy growing on your wall
I wish I were a berry
Just about to fall
I wish I were a hazelnut
And you would break a tooth
For my name is Sally
and not, and not,not Ruth

Kitchen paper and coffee.

We see advice about budgeting for food but what about disposable paper m

Kitchen paper.

Tissues . .

Toilet paper


Some of these are expensive.

We could use washable kitchen cloths or towels.

We could use cloth hankies.

But probably not cloths for wiping our


If we stop buying so much paper we could save £5 or more a week.

That’s £260 a year.

If we have coffee out every day that’s about £21 a week .

Have it once a week

Save £18 a week


Nearly £1000 a year

So £1260 saved unless you take to drink instead.



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Eat your own words.

Drink your own blood

Sell your own soul

Ditch your own conscience. My

Bathe in Jesus blood.

Get rid of your own sins by Paranoid Delusions

Assert your own glory by grandiosity and narcissism.

Learn mathematics by self torture and obsession.

Sell your own clothes

Sell your own blood (not all)

Drink your own water to cut your own bill